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  1. Becky whole 'the man' gimmick is so cringy it. She's a stone cold steve austin bootleg.

    I wish chyna was on the front cover inside of her

  2. I think its time i skip the wwe games as they get worse and worse every year and the early gameplay clips are proving that pattern. I'll keep my £60+ (after dlc)

  3. I hope there will be a lot of microtransactions. I arranged a bank loan so I can spend it on lootboxes and such..so pleaaaase

  4. Still can only have same gender fights. This game is misogynistic trash and should be boycott. Not that anyone buys it anyway.

  5. Becky should alone been the cover Superstar

    Are they ever going to bring GM mode back, draft or Superstar Shakeup

  6. Бля как можно играть в данное гавно, вот раньше был реслинг , .а сейчас хуйня полнейшая

  7. Lovely feature in the advert to have paintings of Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero, The Macho Man Randy Savage and the bossman

  8. I love wwe console games but the price stops me from buying them. Even the sale can't help it. I bought wwe 2k18 and that is my last wwe game as the online server shut down. I hope 2k team gives us 85-90% discount just ONCE in ps store after few months of its release before the game's server shut down.

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