Wyatt breaks Rollins action figure on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, Sept. 23, 2019

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  1. Right there out of character he give us the best advice never get attached to something it only brings pain n loneliness 👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎♥

  2. Anybody else peep the Liv Morgan Laugh when he said there's always room for one more and the fact that the picture is black like all of Liv Morgan's Social Media Posts

  3. For the TV audience and for the youtube postings, please use the original video, not this arena view where you can sea lines on the screen because the camera is just capturing from the Tron, and you can hear echoes and audience's noise. Come on, don't be lazy WWE.

  4. Him breaking the action figure is a foreshadowing of him beating Seth and when he said he doesn't like to share he didn't want Braun to beat him , bray wanted to be the only one to beat him.

  5. Liv Morgan is going to be in firefly fun house, since i know her laughs. Especially at a house ahow in canada. Thats her laugh

  6. Okay usually a monster type character gets less creepy as they get more exposure. Bray and The Fiend? Somehow they get even more scary.

  7. HA-HA-HA-HA- I wonder how many people actually heard him say "what in the flat Earth is going on here" at the 40 second mark when he's breaking up the fight with the puppets. This is the second time he's mentioned Flat Earth in these new promos HAHAHAHAHAHA Yowy Wowy "Flat Earth" = 40 (Septenary)

    F l a t E a r t h
    6 2 1 7 =16 5 1 5 7 6
    =24 16+24=40
    40 second mark he mentions flat earth

  8. Wyatt is a true franchise. He has the Fun House for the younger viewers and he has The Fiend for the adults. And he has great talent unlike John Cena who ruined the WWE.

  9. Sharing, it's not easy.

    But it's never too good to be too attached to something.

    I mean, if you love something too much, it makes you weak.

    You became vulnerable to all sorts of negative feelings, like disappointment, neglect, and loneliness.

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