Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Celebrates It’s TWO Year Anniversary! The Present & Future of Xenoblade!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we are celebrating the anniversary
the two-year anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo switch this
game came out on December 1st 2017 the launch year of the Nintendo switch and
blew so many people away that the game was not delayed from its original
projection of late 2017 considering how many times
Xenoblade Chronicles X was delayed on the Wii U and even if you look at
Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii how that got pushed two years after the original
release in Japan for the game so people were absolutely shocked by that but I
kind of wanted to break down my own thoughts about the two-year anniversary
the reveal build up what I loved about the game but I didn’t like so much
what’s next for Mom I’m gonna go over all of that in a video and of course I
want to hear you guys’s thoughts and opinions on the two-year anniversary of
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 if you did enjoy the game or you played the game however
you feel so let’s go to get right into it guys and let’s start off with the
reveal and the build-up so back in January of 2017
Nintendo have their big presentation for the Nintendo switch to kind of talk
about the price the features what you’re gonna get the games and all that and
there was a game that completely caught everyone by surprise myself included and
that was the no blade product goes to considering that we just got Xenoblade
Chronicles X in 2015 on the Wii U I was thinking there’s no way in a year and
one month or so whatever cuz we got it late in 2015 for the West there was no
way they’re already gonna have another Xenoblade game ready to show off but no
it was right there and I kind of freaked out at that presentation I was so hyped
about it because it’s a huge RPG and it’s supposedly coming in the first year
Nintendo pretty much changed completely when it comes to home systems right they
were never really big on getting RPGs out early but this time they got that
done so we’ll just completely caught me by surprise and on top of that the world
was huge and it was beautiful and it seemed
they’re taking what they did with Xenoblade Chronicles X and kind of
mixing that with the original Xenoblade Chronicles in terms of the gameplay but
then adding in their own little element to it it looked great the characters
look cool the story looked amazing even from that point so the reveal was
amazing the reveal was really good and I love how they dropped that trailer
honest now let’s talk about the build up kind of heading into it we didn’t really
hear too much about the game just little things here and there but then at e3 we
got a huge blowout on the game in terms of what we can expect from the worlds
and the characters and everything and also graphics improvements as well so
they did some retouching on some of the characters so it was great to see the
build-up was really good but then the build-up even got better but then it got
to the point where I was literally covering the game almost every single
day because they showed off the new blade system in the game which we’re
gonna get to in terms of stuff that I liked and didn’t like but they showed
off like new blades every single day or every single week or whatever it was a
couple times they would show off different blades leading up to the
release so new rare blades and kind of what they can do or just basically them
fighting for a bit so it was really cool to see all those different blades and
kind of what they can do and how you’d be able to harness their power now we
did know a bit about the blade system and kind of what was going down but we
didn’t know everything about it but to see the different characters they kind
of put in to see all the guest artists that they had from different places it
was amazing and then to also hear that this game was made by around 40 to 50
people using the Xenoblade Chronicles X engine from the Wii U and everything and
then just get a little bit of outside help because they already had the base
bill was very impressive to see and monoliths off they know how to make
these big open RPGs that’s just what they do really well considering
Xenoblade Xenoblade Chronicles X and now Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so really cool to
see all that with the build up and the hype leading into the launch of the game
now when the game did drop oh my gosh there were so many things that I loved
about it so I’m gonna go ahead and talk about that and we’ll talk about the
stuff that I did it but there were so many things first of all one I thought
the game’s style was phenomenal the graphics in the game this is the
the greatest graphics ever but the style was really good and it was very visually
pleasing at least to me now there was some issues with portable motor or
handheld but at the beginning which we’ll talk about that once again but
overall when you’re playing docked on the TV it looked great it played great
and it was a ton of fun just to see the different various art in the game that’s
one of the first things that struck me about it not necessarily like polygons
and all that but just the art in the game was really good the enemy designs
were really cool the level and the terrain and what they did with all the
different titans was also awesome as well and the combat of course the combat
I love what they did with the combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 because what
makes it to me more engaging is the fact that you can do more of the blade combos
right more of the blade combos to where not only can you break and then topple
you can launch then you can smash them down to the ground you have different
blades that have affinities with elements so it has a little bit of a
Pokemon feel to it ok I’m gonna collect this blade gonna match it up with this
plate we’re gonna do this combo to get to this this this and then we get this
effect so there were so many layers of depth that when I first played the game
it kind of blew my mind I was like okay I’ve gotta do this I’ve got to do this
because there were so many new mechanics into the game and it was kind of
confusing because there wasn’t the best tutorial you actually had to buy the
tutorial like so you’d go to certain people that would sell your information
and then they might have a piece or they might have some stuff to where you can
buy which was just why would you do that in a game like why would you make it by
the tutorial or not necessarily tutorial book by information in terms of how to
play the game so they fixed that with one of the golden country but with
xenoblade chronicles – man I just loved that message there wasn’t really
hand-holding right you kind of had to look and experiment and figure things
out and when you did it was really gratifying it was really fun and on top
of that like all the different type of like let’s say like ox cores how they
did that how they did basically equipped in your blades how the levelling worked
in the game there were so many new things that was put in it really just
caught me by surprise but it was also super fun and not to spoil anything I
know it’s already been 2 years but story to me was the best story out of
all the different Xenoblade games i love xenoblade chronicles to story the most
Pyrrha Mithra everything there with Nia how everything works Mallos my gosh it’s
just so good Jen and everything that to me is one of the best things about the
game because it really does have a lot of cool characters I have the anti-hero
it has like everything you would want or I kind of has like the villains the
clear villains kind of hasn’t been crazy people it has just everything it has the
person that you think is like oh he’s maybe good but you know he’s bad you
know it just had everything so to me that story really caught me like you
know it was just really good it was just a really good story that I felt that a
lot of people thought maybe wouldn’t be good based off of the xenoblade
chronicles accent kind of how that story shut down but Xenoblade Chronicles 2
they definitely improved a lot in that aspect so I was very happy with that but
the combat with the gameplay of course with the story all that was really good
the aesthetics everything was cool now and some of the stuff that I didn’t like
to me really it’s the blade system when it comes to opening core crystals it’s
the core crystal system the blades themselves are fine because torna the
golden country that has a blade system but there’s not opening core crystals
and getting a bunch of random blades so to me the whole Merc mission plus core
crystal stuff and then hey this is what you use all these blades for was an
issue and on top of that there wasn’t the best in terms of quality of life
stuff being able to sort certain blades being able to find certain ones with
different abilities all that stuff wasn’t in there from day one on top of
the map system and everything not necessarily being the best maybe
sometimes getting lost having to do certain things so all that came in
updates so if you’re day one on there there was definitely issues with all the
different random cores that you were getting you were kind of opening
sometimes rare core crystals or legendary core crystals and you weren’t
getting anything you were getting like blades that you wanted like in terms of
rare blades they really should pick in that system and said okay we’re not
gonna do like this whole core crystal thing and mission thing let’s go ahead
and let’s do more something like you get like missions right and then maybe you
find like a really legendary core crystal then you open it from there it
really shouldn’t have been so much to wear
it’s like you’re just opening core crystals opening core crystals get a
five billion you know random blades or common blades that’s just not fun that
just wasn’t fun at all that’s probably the thing that I dislike the most about
the game but the blades themselves in terms of the rare blades and fighting
and how they use the elements and the blade combos and all that that’s
actually phenomenal just the core crystal thing get rid of that and that
would have been better and they did that into another golden country and the
combat is absolutely phenomenal in that game now what’s next for model is soft
what’s next everyone wants to know in terms of what they’re working on well
2020 we do have xenoblade chronicles definitive edition which is a complete
remake not a remaster or HD porting or whatever people they’re trying to sit
here and say the game is it is a remake of the original Xenoblade Chronicles
from the Wii which desperately needed a remake based on the hardware that it was
on and kind of how it looks and that world it’s such a beautiful and great
role and I’m very excited to get the full game ok the full game and what
seems like extra car that was cut out to get the full game because that game is
already a super high rated game it’s already what some people consider the
best Xenoblade or monolith softs the best work right it’s already super good
and they’re going to make it even better with all of the content this should be
should be an easy contender for game of the year it should be an easy contender
for game of the year if you like to put remakes in there should definitely be
that considering the first game is still really good to this day when it comes to
Japanese action RPGs so I’m really excited to see what updates improvements
and how they make a really really good game even better so looking forward to
that and then we also have the I would not say rumors but just more of like the
thought process that monoliths off does have a brand new IP that they’re working
on because we got that art a bit ago and everything they have multiple different
teams so they do have that cooking so I wonder when we’ll see that I’m guessing
that Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition will come out around the
anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles so summer or so so maybe we
yet both maybe we get that game and then we get another one a second helping of
monolith soft at the end of the year or maybe they wait till the following year
to get that done in terms of their new game that they’re working on because the
problem is gonna take a lot of time you heard about that I think in 2018 or so
or something like that we heard about that game so might take a little bit
more time to get that game done depending on how big of a scale it is
and what they’re doing in the first place but whatever it is I’m excited
2020 I’m excited for monolith soft I’m excited for Xenoblade Chronicles
definitive edition i love xenoblade chronicles – obviously I’ve played all
the content in terms of what they’ve given us well I’m still getting through
the content in Xenoblade Chronicles through just got Cosimo’s so that was
crazy and I’ve played through torn of beaten all of that so a big fan and I’m
looking forward to more from the studio because they are really one of the best
one of the best out there especially making RPGs so what are you guys as
thoughts on the two-year anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and what do you
think overall for Malo sauce future I’d love to hear you guys thoughts in the
comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here gonna
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video lets me know you guys want more confident is going for in the future and
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you so much for watching and we’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

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  1. I just finished this game after getting it Black Friday last year and now I’m playing through Torna! I’m liking it a bit more than xc2 in terms of gameplay and music.

  2. Still one of my favorite JRPGs on Switch (you can tell by my username that I love it), and I can't wait for Xenoblade Chronicles: DE. Monolith Soft should be commended and deserves more recognition.

  3. If you don't already know, I have a second channel called OJX where I make extra videos, comedy skits, anime and more! We're nearly at 2K subscribers so please subscribe to my second channel if you can! The Gods of Xenoblade will look happily upon you if you do! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiEzwPaRrI573dUgTG5tLxA

  4. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already! Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is such a great game with so much content. I have put over 400 hours into the game and still have stuff I need to eventually go back and do.

  5. Man the hype is real with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition considering my introduction of the XBC franchose through XC2

  6. Happy birthday xenoblade 2! 300 hours of gameplay including torna, you kept me super busy. Most underrated game on the switch!

  7. I beat the game after 290 hours of d*cking around and I haven't even got all of the Rare Blades or any DLC. Once I'll get a better SD card I'll get all of the DLC and finish the thing. No doubt it'll take another 100+ hours. Oh, and the game's fantastic, if for some reason you were still wondering about that.

  8. This game has made such a big impact on my life. Almost 200 hours put into this and Torna, plus another 70 hours of Xenoblade 1 that I only played because of how much I loved this game

  9. I'll admit I've skipped alot of cutscenes because I can get impatient. However the game was enjoyable. I refuse to complete game until I get Kos-Mos.

    I litterally have them all but Kos-Mos excluding the post game blades.

  10. Absolutely brilliant RPG with an S-tier soundtrack; can't wait to get more information on Xeno 1 Definitive Edition

  11. Love the Game, Love Xenoblade. Hope they don't only have XC1 Remark on the horizon. I wish they'll release XCX2 also, I need more Xenoblade, Nintendo doesn't have many story filled games.

  12. This game is one of my favorite JRPG's of all time. Was surprised how much content and replay value it had. Can't wait for Xenoblade Definitive Edition in 2020!!

  13. Happy birthday to one of my favorite games of all time! So many great characters and amazing combat. I may need to have a go at new game plus soon! Thanks for the video OJ 👍

  14. Man…I STILL havent played Torna the Golden Country…but I put something like 80hrs into the main game.
    I will probably jump back in over the Christmas break.
    Absolutely can't wait for the Remake of XC1

  15. I played the game like crazy last year. I think I got it for sale(the base game), fell in love with it and immediately purchased the expansion too. Battle mechanics were confusing for a big chunk of the game for me but still enjoyed it in the end. Also I fell in love with Uraya and its music.

  16. I feel stupid now that I have played the game but i avoided this game for like two months after I got it cause I was unsure about it then one day randomly I was like screw it I popped it in and i became addicted 400 hrs later and I still have not completed Everything yet

  17. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is still my favorite game on the Switch. I will give the remake a try when it comes out in 2020. But I'm still holding onto the hope, that a Xenoblade Chronicles X port comes to the Switch. As that was the game that got me hooked on the series.

  18. I just got this game yesterday and the Expansion pass after I saw the discount for $41.99. I just couldn't pass on that offer and I find the game very enjoyable. DO NOT sleep on that offer.

  19. Nice video but really "peculiar" gameplay footage there.
    My wife was watching next to me and she was like "very nice game all you do is press the B button" ;P hahahaha.

  20. Such a great game and my favorite on the switch. There were so many moments I got lost listening to the OST and exploring the vast beautiful world.

  21. The third game should be connected to the other two.
    Maybe the protagonist could be a reformed (criminally and physically) Klaus who retains his memories as both Zanza and The Architect.

  22. I didn't think XC2 combat was hard at all, but I hated the core crystal system. Torna's combat system was too simplified and honestly kind of boring compared to XC2 to me.

  23. Quality video PE Ninja Master.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a phenomenal game guys, I absolutely loved playing through it and Torna aswell, I played it mostly Table Top from Day One when it was looking n running it's worst but it didn't matter too me cuz Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is awesome. The Story, Combat, Boss Fights, Finding Blades and Discovering are the big highlights of the game but the Core Crystal Mechanics and Map was pants plus Torna was top notch aswell.

    The future is bright for Monolith Soft with XBC1:DE coming next Year and a new Project on the horizon, we want a XBCX Port plus XBCX2 n XBC3 at some point also :-D.

  24. Xenoblade chronicles 2 is my absolute favorite game of all time so far, I even prefer it over Xenoblade Chronicles 1 in almost every way. the game just stands out so well. i could go on for days going into every little detail and nook and cranny of the story and gameplay. I'm still excited for Xeno 1 definitive edition and can barely contain myself for the future of the franchise.

  25. I don't know about you, but I really want there to be a Special Edition for Xenoblade DE. We didn't get one here in NA for the og Wii release and I'll be a little sad if the remake doesn't get one with A nice artbook, maybe a miniature Monado, A OST selection with at least 20+ tracks and any other cool things they wanna add for fans!
    Regardless tho, I'm very excited for Monolith Soft's future and 2020!

  26. Happy 2nd Anniversary Xenoblade 2, more games to come Monolithsoft cheers😍😍 this game fills the gap because of FF15 lackluster story.

  27. Man this was the main reason I got my original switch for. Played it for a full year and loved it. I really want to revisit now

  28. I, personally, had a lot of issues with XC2. Overall, I found it to be a step back in the series. However, that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. It was a grand adventure and it felt very much so at home on the Switch. One huge credit I will give to the game is the ending. (Spoilers ahead!!!) The way it tied into XC was so damn cool and I did not see that coming at all.

  29. For me Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a pretty excellent game with flaws. Personally I enjoy the story but do dislike characters the main characters of Rex (in fight scenes) and Pyra (bland character who is pretty rubbish in the plot overall), but otherwise gameplay is fun, story doesn't reach heights of Xenoblade 1 (Find Chapter 6 being my least favourite and Chapter 7 stuff involving Pyra being meh to why?). Also like how Torna improved the gameplay even if I was expecting more areas to explore. Also… Nia For Smash!!!

    Sorry she's just my favourite character and feel like unlike Rex who base moveset wise would be a Shulk clone (unless he switches to other blades that aren't the Aegis), feel like it would be fun to have ring weapons, riding Dromach to battle and having a healer in the main fight of Smash. Plus it's time Silver Hair girls ending in Ia don't get the rough end of the stick in this series.

  30. The blade summoning gacha system was cool at first, but that quickly became the most irritating thing in the game. I'm still missing Kos-Mos. I put the game down after 300 hours last year, but it still hurts knowing I still don't have her.

  31. Xenoblade Chronicles taught me that I should NEVER spoil a JRPG for myself, even if the story isn't absolutely perfect, and I've done a good job not spoiling Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for myself so far.

  32. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is easily one of my favorite games of all time. It was the first RPG I played with a definite desire to finish it, so basically my first. I spent nearly 500 hours on it, because of just how huge it is.

    Even a year later, I can still remember the powerful story, characters and locations, which is a testament to just how memorable the game is.

    There's a reason why Monolithsoft is my favorite game developer, because they craft such perfect masterpieces. All I can say is, I am ready for whatever else they give us.

  33. Loved the game, however my only complaint was also the fact I couldn't get every blade ever I missed out on a few blades because they just wouldn't come for me.

  34. Bruh Thanks for putting me on this Game. It’s still my Favorite Switch game til dis day. If it wasn’t for ur content I wouldn’t even known about this game. You the real MVP OJ

  35. 275+ hours in and still haven’t started Torna, 9 more affinity charts to max out n 13 side quest that I kno of and I’m done.

  36. I'm sorry, Definitive Edition is LITERALLY a remaster. They aren't redoing the game from the ground up. They're working on top of the original game. Using the same combat, the same maps and even character models, as seen by overlaying both game's scenes. Models in DE have higher poly counts and more geometry overall, as well as new heads, but they're working on top of the original base, which means it is a remaster. That is not to downplay it, but things like Link's Awakening for Switch or FFVII are remakes. XCDE, shadow of the colossus and the N64 Zeldas on 3DS are remasters because they are mostly visual enhancements over the base game, not redoing the entire thing from zero.

  37. Your passion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is inspiring. I own the game but I am waiting till Christmas break to dive in :). You have made me very excited to start

  38. For me Xeno 2 has the best story i replayed 1 and i found it wasn't as good as i remembered rose tinted glasses were in play for it i found still good not as good as i remembered .
    i really would like to see xeno 3 bring 1 and 2's characters together somehow for a big story

  39. Always hyped for Monolithsoft projects.
    Became a fan in 2003 with Baten Kaitos, which I keep wishing would get a conclusive third installment.

    Xenoblade 2 was and is one of the true godtier games on Switch, but is sadly overlooked by a lot of normies. 2017 was just just crazy.

  40. Xenoblade 2 was my GotY 2017 and it still ranks very high in general (heck, it's even in my top 5 games with the most playtime for the last decade, but okay, all three Xenoblade games are in that top 5). Let's see if I can still enjoy it after 4 years like I can now with Xenoblade X.

  41. I hope in the future they will come out with a after story for this…pretty much a xenoblade chronicles 3 I really loved how this game ended and would love to see what happen to everyone after that beautiful ending lol😯😋

  42. Man I just figured out how to make a new profile on my switch so your boi’s gonna sink another 300 hours into this beautiful game. Happy birthday

  43. I never cared about this series but then I saw the story then I bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and now I want Rex in Smash. Point being I love this series now and I'm definitely going to buy Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition.

  44. I really love this game and the only flaws I find is the voice acting occasionally and the amount of side quests some being forced (Torna)

  45. this is definitely my favorite jrpg of all time, the amount of customization you can do with builds to characters, blades, etc almost seems endless. i still dont even have full grasp on it yet, and the amount of things you can find and explore in the overworld is amazing too. Blade quests keep the interest going on whether it and it feels like a very big achievement finishing a blades affinity chart and again just coming up with numerous versatile builds

  46. until this day the misinformation about 50 people working on it still spread . 50 internal member people + ton of outsource company such as Tri Ace help work on it

  47. my absolute most favorite game of all time. i play it every december. and only december as a self imposed rule. cuz if i didn't, i'm afraid i wouldn't play much else. like 80% of my steam library is untouched. i still got a bunch of sealed ps4 games too. yet i managed to put 600 hours into this one and I JUST KEEP LOVIN IT 😀

  48. 2nd favorite game of all time. I got over 550 hours out of XB2, a purely single-player game. How's that for value. Also has one of the greatest, most musically impressive soundtracks ever heard in a video game. It's not for everybody, but Monolith knows that. And they did a hell of a job putting this game together and supporting it with content post-launch.

  49. After beating the game I give it 7.5 outta 10 I love this game so much one if my top favorite switch game I'm in 260 hours still haven't started the new game plus and golden country (can't wait through) and now I'm huge fan of xenoblade chronicle can't wait for the xenoblade chronicle remake 😍

  50. Thank you xc 2 for 200hrs game play completed side story plus all blades, lucky got all the blades in my 1st run including Kos-mod 😉

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