Yakatabune Tokyo Dinner Boat Cruise | All You Can Eat and Drink

in this video I’m gonna take you guys on a yokatta boon a ride so the cutter boon a is a restaurant on a boat we’re actually gonna get on in a socks up the boats have various meal plans and they even have all-you-can-drink plans and I’m gonna walk you through this experience in this video I’m so excited let’s do this so we booked the two-hour dinner cruise with I’m you say the port is right next to a Zuma bhashya so it’s perfect to get on after walking around my socks all day so the seats are predetermined so that means our name is already written on the table what’s really nice is you can use credit cards here too [Music] this is so cool they already have that we prepared and it’s just on the table as I said that we have all you can drink beer this is you know you go come at this but you can actually get giraffe here which is bringing here we have edamame we have appetizers and even the sushi look at this and that’s amazing this is the best trip ever so if you’re looking for something like kind of unique to do in Japan then you might want to consider getting out on your octopus because look at all this food it’s all you can drink and the atmosphere is great you get to experience Tokyo you get to look out the window and see a cool landscape and this is why we’re here it’s so awesome the inside of the boat is pretty chill and casual and I love that they keep on serving fresh tempura [Music] that’s so good the taste and the flavors are so nice and look at that so this is called Sakai this is like a delicacy here in Japan the tail end of this is actually was really really bitter if you don’t like bitter stuff then you might want to like not eat this part and just eat this part and say it but I’m all good I can try anything kind of tastes like snail fresh and mushroom tempura this is some good stuff [Music] this makes me smile and now that I think oh this is actually a pretty good date idea look at all these birds let’s see sex sometimes it’s rocking a little minutes what are you windy out today but it’s not too bad I think was it you should be okay now you can see here here’s it not actually moving so much so it’s pretty steady Michael she gets pretty sick and today she’s actually pretty okay and it’s pretty nice they have this cute little bathroom in here it’s so small but it’s so functional other parts of the cruise you can even see other you have to Boone and though we’re in Odaiba right now that’s aqua city right behind me and you g television let me know in the comments below if you guys want me to do a top 10 or on diver and it’s pretty cool you can go outside I’m right underneath the Rainbow Bridge right now and some of them yeah got the moon is you can actually get on the roof this one you can’t but you can still go outside which is pretty friggin cool there’s so much wind coming at me right now it’s making my eyes water I love this [Music] let’s try this back well it’s so light damn that’s good I turned out the lights it’s so beautiful I’ll make it behind me and sky training so that concludes a body yet at the Bonet experience thank you guys like this video hit that like button and help me out if you want to see more adventures in Tokyo or in Japan hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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  1. I like your vids man! You seem like a cool and nice guy! And, not in any way meant insulting, remind a bit of very happy muppet haha;)

  2. Wtf this guys videos are like on a whole new level, as in its almost as if he doing a documentary on the topics. Definetly deserves way more subs and views

  3. If you can …. Do a video on the Beers I will have access to in restaurants and stores when I go next month.. lol. You know , the important stuff.

  4. Paolo, I'd like you to do a top 10 on all suburbs! Mostly the ones nearest central Tokyo, as I'll be visiting in August. Thanks! 😉

  5. So you chose beer in a plastic cup over beer in a glass bottle.. no no no … lol
    So they will keep bringing kirin in a bottle the whole time if you want??

  6. Top 10 for Odaiba please Paoloooo! Like how to get to the island (Yurkikamome, Rinkai, Yurakucho etc.) and what to do and see on the island. Thank you!

  7. Hi Paolo, I was the one who met you at the drugstore the other day. So happy to meet you n ur gf. Always enjoy watching ur video and ur recommendation. Keep making videos👍🏻

  8. Dear Maiko,
    dear Paolo,

    this looks so awesome! I hope you had an awesome ride on the boat. Thank you so much for showing us this unique experience.
    One question: is it possible to choose a vegetarian menu? I guess no but maybe I am lucky! 🙂
    And yes, a Top 10 Odaiba would be awesome! <3
    Thank you both again for another great video! 🙂

    Best regards from Germany


  9. OMG what a great time you two had 👍
    That's a great idea to do 👉 cruise + food + drinks + nightime views 👌
    Yep to ten Odaibaa (or so, sorry 😉)

  10. Love your videos Paolo! You make everything look and sound amazing! Please keep the videos coming <3 My husband and I will be traveling there in May, can't wait!!! ^_^

  11. First of all, yes to the Odaiba video. I really enjoyed Joypolis and the Toyota museum, but didn’t do anything else on the island. I hear there’s a massive EDM club there and I’m curious about it.

    Secondly, my girlfriend and I discovered your channel while I was trying to get her hype for our Japan trip. I studied abroad in Tokyo for a semester, so I was happy to find a vlogger with similar tastes in food and entertainment. Anyway, we ended up watching your older videos and sorta miss the personal vlogs. The one where your GFs dad got blasted was especially entertaining

  12. Cool! I've ridden boats from Asakusa to Odaiba a couple of times but didn't know about the yakatabune boats and how they worked. Thinking about doing the cruise on my next trip to Japan.

  13. If you do an Odaiba video, the Oedo Onsen Monogatari has to be #1 for me! What's better than a good onsen soak followed by food and beer?!

  14. Hi Paolo! I just placed an order for this Toekyo sweatshirt in XL(going for ba oversized look). May I know what size are you wearing in this video??? And also, I went to the amise website but it’s all in Japanese. Is there an English website?

  15. please do odaiba! my bf and i are constantly watching your videos for our trip to tokyo~ you're so helpful and we love you so much!

  16. you know what would be cool, if you found a filipino food place in Japan and did a video on it. i know you're filipino and have been living in Japan for a while so your thoughts on it would probably cool and insightful!

  17. I'm stuck in a weird place, where I love your presenting style while also hating how damn excited you always sound. lol. nah, but really mad respect on you killing it.

  18. can you pls make a video on getting around shinjuku station HAHA im traveling to tokyo in a few days and im super scared since a lot of people say that shinjuku station is the busiest station in all of tokyo 😭

    love ur videos btw !

  19. Only found out yesterday I'll be in Tokyo 2 weeks (never been to Japan)- loving all your videos and your blog! Can I help make a matcha soft serve top 5 places when I'm in town?!

  20. Nice video, Paolo! Made me reminisce my yakatabune experience last 2016! Went on a tour group for our business trip with Isuzu Phils! The food and booze was really awesome!!!

  21. Hey bro I’m about to go to Japan next week & wanted to make a reservation from the website but it’s only in Japanese, how do I make a reservation or do they have an English website ?

  22. Nice video, the boat trip looks awesome! I’m going to Tokyo for 2 weeks by myself, so sadly I can’t experience this. I am properly gutted. I contacted them to see if they would allow a reservation for one person, sadly it was a hard no.

  23. im a huge fan !!! your amazing i love all your content! every time i watch an episode i get lost in your amazing attitude!!!!!! keep them coming i show all my friends and family.

  24. I looked at the website you provided to try and make a reservation but a lot of it is still in Japanese. If I can make a reservation on their website, how can I do it?

  25. That´s looking really good! And so loveley way to have dinner and sightseeing at the same time. Thank´s!

  26. Awesome, Paolo!! I just booked this cruise by calling Japan and talking to them in my broken and bad Japanese but they were amused when I told them I saw a Youtube video and that we didn't want to eat the Sazae…LOL. We are just about wrapping up our itinerary and we are about two weeks away from coming there and thanks to your videos I've added a bunch of places you have recommended! Will let you know how it goes 😀

  27. An exceptional price for an evening of good food “and” all you care to drink that is bookended with such beautiful scenery & night-cruising…

  28. Thanks, Paolo!!! I went on this cruise because of your video and LOVED IT!! The guys at Amisei don't speak English over the phone but that was OK since I speak fluent Japanese, but your links to a booking company that speaks English is helpful, although they tack on another $20 a person to book it for you…still worth it! If it wasn't for your video, I would have never found this place…thank you!!!

  29. Awesome vids! Would you know if there are any Yakatabune tour companies who accept bookings online? Or if this specific one that you booked does?

  30. I''m SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy you posted this!!!!!!!!! I'm now less than 2 Months away from going to Japan for 10 Days. Thinking about booking a dinner cruise on my final night. I know there's a few of them, but so glad to see a good video showing what these are like!!!!

  31. Always top notch quality content from your channel. I'm a big fan of your work. Thanks for sharing!

  32. I love how excited you are about everything!! Your videos really got me excited for my Japan Vacation this month! thank you

  33. You’re vlogs are the best! Very informational! I just moved here in tokyo and your vlogs help me a lot ❤️

  34. I will have to agree, Your videos are really good and informative. You give a good description of the place and provide great details of what your showing us..Thank you.

  35. Is this the one you booked? https://www.kkday.com/en/product/2890?qs=Tokyo%20Bay%20Yakatabune%20Boat

    Can I just walk in?

  36. It's next to impossible to book Amisei. The Yakatabune Assosication doesn't get back to you when trying to reserve through them. Awesome video but THIS particular cruise is a no go. I'm in Japan now and can't book them.

  37. Omg I put to take a sumida river cruise on my list for things to do in Tokyo. This is perfect. Do you have to book ahead? Or can I walk up to the landing site and try to get a table easy?

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