Yam Ah Mee Announce Workers’ Party Victory on Punggol East SMC By-Election – 26Jan2013

We understand that uh… the returning
officer Mr Yam Ah Mee is approaching the podium By-election 2013 The result for the Electoral Division of Punggol East Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam the Reform Party 353 votes Koh Poh Koon People Action Party 12,856 votes Lee Li Lian the Workers’ Party 16,038 votes Desmond Lim Bak Chuan Singapore Democratic Alliance 168 votes Rejected votes 417 Total votes cast 29,832 The local votes counted for the
Electorate Division of Punggol East are conclusive of the results Pursuant to Section 49, Sub-section 7E, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Election Act I declare Lee Li Lian of the Workers’ Party
as the candidate elected for the Electorate Division of Punggol East This is a histrionic day indeed of the Workers’ Party The supporters are here in Hougang, they chanting the party name This means Workers’ Party has one more candidate in Parliament And Lee Li Lian is of course first woman candidate to have won a SMC since 1965. And She is the 2nd woman opposition in parliament as well. A victory for the Workers’ Party. This is the second time, the Workers’ Party has took control and defeat the ruling People Action Party You remember the last General Election, the Workers’ Party too, took control of Aljunied GRC from the PAP As a member of parliament of Punggol East, Ms Lee said her immediate task is to see the smooth running of the Punggol East Town Council, She also plague to look into some of the amenities for residents there, looking into more child care centres in the estate, more hawker centres for eg. She also said she want to be a strong
alternative voice in the parliament raising national issue such as a plight of young families in Singapore and also the elderly. So Ms Lee definitely has alot …. urh urrh… alot to prepare as she enter to parliament.
Back to you to the studio Here’s another look at the result that was just announced of course at the winning party, Workers’ Party with its candidate, Lee Li Lian These are the 4 candidates that had
to have contested and these were the votes number for each party with Lee Li Lian garning 54.52% of the votes uh… followed by the PAP 43.71% If you remember Ms Lee Li Lian garned 16,038 votes as compare to the PAP 12,856 of the PAP has a different about
three thousand one hundred and eighty-two votes between the uh… top candidates. Of course the Reform Party
with a 353 votes and the Singapore Democratic Alliance 168 votes which means that the candidates from these two parties which have lost the election deposits

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  1. Pls respect the decision of the people..we should not see just the parties but see the future of our homeland, our singapore.

  2. The news readers looked grumpy, especially the woman who was trying to fake an accent (badly).

    Singaporeans will see a repeat of this jubilation come September 11, 2015.

    The joy will spread into more GRCs and SMCs, finally able to share with more Little Singaporeans. It is time that the Power is returned to the People. It will further lead to the disintegration of the very unfair group representation, which no modern democracy or countries in the developed world, has ever adopted.

    Singapore for Singaporeans.
    Come September 11, 2015, we will decide a future not just for ourselves but for local-born Singaporeans, our children and grandchildren. A home where we can proudly call HOME. Only we can EMPOWER our future.

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