You can marry Yeonseo over my dead body [Angel’s Last Mission: Love / ENG]

What is it? Why did you tell me to sit down? Ma’am, I wish to marry Young Lady. Please give me her hand. – What is this? / – I am nowhere good enough, but if you give me your permission, I can promise you that I’ll make her happy forever. I don’t know where he saw this from, but he really wanted to try it. Please just play along with it. Well I need to know how far this role playing is going for me to play along with it. Are you two seriously wanting to get married? How did your relationship develop this far in a blink of an eye? Please give me your blessing. Well… My gosh. Who am I to give you my blessing? I really want the blessing, but you’re the oldest one in this house. Please play along with it. Goodness. Dream on, young man. I raised her since she was a baby with all that I could give. Her looks? Her intelligence? Her character… Okay, not that. Anyway, she’s a precious lady. All you’ve got is that handsome face. How dare you covet her? What can you offer to her? Anything? How could you let this happen? How dare you love your boss? You must’ve forgotten your place! Never! You can marry her over my dead body… Ms. Jung! How could you be so harsh? There’s nothing wrong with Kim Dan. There’s no one like him in this world. It’s not like we’re living in the Middle Ages. How could you say such brutal things to him? I’m truly disappointed in you. Wait, you said to play along. I don’t care what anyone says. I’ll marry Kim Dan even if the universe is against it. The wedding will be in the garden a week from now. So plan my wedding accordingly. Hey, hey. I’m sorry, Ms. Jung. It’s all because of me. What am I supposed to do then? You’re very good at acting. I was in the drama club at my school. I’m sorry. I got carried away. He won’t leave now? Young Lady, I like Kim Dan. He’s cute, handsome, and kind. But to me, he’s not important. You are the most important thing to me, Young Lady. I meant some of what I said. Love? It’s nice for now. But you know, love changes whenever it wants to. I can’t ever see you getting abandoned again. Don’t be like that. That doesn’t suit you. We’ve been indifferent toward one another until now. Of course. Our indifferent relationship will last a long time. A very long time. Don’t worry. I can be alone again. The happiness I feel now will be enough for me to live my life.

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  1. Why kbs upload this cuts in wednesday? Make me really miss this drama every wednesday-thursday. Especially i really miss Kim Dan Yeonseo.

  2. HAHA they're all good in acting, specially Young Lady . I don't know her real name ,but I really like her . She's very good in acting.

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