You Forgot Our Anniversary? with Bree Essrig & Casey Abrams | The Flipside

-This is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t, I can’t
stand this anymore. -Why are you so upset?
I just don’t understand. -Okay, what’re you doing
February 13th again? -I told you I have
a flute lesson from the teacher who’s hardly ever in the States. -You’re always forgetting
what we have to do. -Is your family coming to town
or something? -It’s our anniversary. -I am so, so, so sorry. I swear to God,
I will make it up to you. I will take you that place that you wanted to go
to last week the, um… -Which place?
-The restaurant. -Which restaurant?
[ Scoffs ] You don’t — You don’t remember
anything, not one thing. -There’s too much in my head. -Listen, you don’t think
that I have too much in my head right now? I’m constantly thinking
about everything. I’m thinking about you. I’m
thinking about our anniversary. I’m thinking about the presents
I have to get you. I’m thinking about what I should
look like in front of — -I’m 3,000 years old. -Wait, what?
-This isn’t a joke. -You’re — You’re 3,000. -3,250 years ago, I was given an opportunity
to become immortal. -[ Laughs ]
-And I took it. -Oh, okay.
That makes complete sense now. Okay, so you’re 3,000 years old and you’ve acquired
all these information, you can’t even
remember our anniversary. -I am trying so hard
to remember. I swear to you, I am. -I mean, you have to admit
it’s a little hard to believe. -After everything I’ve been
through, it is so difficult. -Prove it. -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on there a second.
Jesus Christ. Why you’re acting so crazy? -I live in this
constant state of fear thinking that someday I’m going
to be buried alive somewhere and nobody will ever
be able to find me and I’ll be trapped
for the rest of eternity in my own private hell. That or the fact that humanity may evolve
into something else entirely and I’ll just look like a freak
to everyone. And, honestly,
you know what’s gonna happen is one day
everybody is going to die and I will be the only person
left on this planet and I will be all alone. I love you, but you have to know that your time spent with me is more valuable than mine is
with you. You would be giving me
your entire life. -I — I just don’t know about
this whole immortality thing. I — I just don’t get it. How am I supposed
to believe you? -The true loves in my life
didn’t need proof. -True loves. So this is kinda
like a test for me, is that what you’re saying? -I’m saying that I’ll love you
forever, but I’ll jump if you need me to. [ Sighs ] -I mean,
if you’re telling the truth, I — I can’t do this, I can’t — I’m sorry
I just — Between us, I — I can’t do it. I’m sorry. -Cheers. Where is the Jake at? When do we get to see him again? -He, uh, broke up with me. -You pulled
that whole immortality thing again didn’t you? Didn’t you? I can’t believe
you did that again! I liked him. He’s a really nice guy
and I liked him. How do they fall for that
every single time?

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  1. So you're saying that she will look like that forever, and have sex with me on a regular basis until I die? Sign me up!

  2. Implausible! Guys never remember dates. I only remember my birthday because it's on the first of a month, so I have a one in twelve chance of being right.


  4. @RunningVandalFilms she's not immortal, and her friend knows her little prank to see if the person actually loves her.

  5. @warriorbride999 you're a sexist bitch and I am offended that you think only guys forget things in relationships because no ones perfect and everyone fucks up and girls are no better in relationships than guys. You're a douche with a closed mind

  6. As for how I deal with confrontation I'm not quite sure.
    My issue with the video is that expecting someone to believe you when you say something utterly implausible is not evidence you have a strong or healthy relationship. It's evidence the other person allows themselves to be dominated and subjugated by you.
    I'm sorry but she's basically asking are you okay with being in an emotionally abusive relationship.

  7. But the way she looks and acts around her friend may imply that she was serious, and her friend just doesn't know it.

  8. hmm i took it as she was just saying that as an excuse not to remember it and take all the pressure off her.

  9. The look she had at the end was a bit mysterious, but after the "how do you deal with confrontation?" question, I took it to mean that she was embarrassed in front of her friend and ashamed that she couldn't deal with the confrontation.

  10. I still watch this video every now and again. I just find it very well done and I just like it a lot.

  11. I like to think that she is not lying, she's inmortal, and her friend did not believe her when she told her, and she uses this as a real test to her boyfriends and firneds

  12. Guys, she isn't immortal. It was indeed a test for the guy to see if he would stay with her. The idea is that if he isn't willing to spend the rest of his days with her if she is basically an elf, then she has no confidence that he would stay with her if she was a normal person. The video is a repetition of the old saying, "love conquers all" regardless of who or WHAT a person is.

  13. If you were confronted with something as crazy and intense as a loved one being immortal, how would you react to it? Would you make them prove it? Would you be too dumbfounded by the situation and leave them? – I think that's the situation this video's talking about.
    Recently my mother confronted my father with the fact that she's had 4 abortions since they were together, he didn't ask for her to prove it, didn't deal with the confrontation well and broke up with him. The girl was testing him.

  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i will try thi out
    thank you

  15. Lol. One must think that Guys are not pussy to believe that shit n make a stupid decision. That's a girlish thing..

  16. I knew she was flipping the whole problem on him! Now he feels like a jerk. I wouldn't do that. I honestly avoid confrontation and then when I can't I just get angry and blurt every thing I am feeling out.

  17. She is confronted with the situation and feels ashamed by it. She instantly fall back upon the lie that has worked in previous relationships, her friend saying "You said that again?" with an exasperated tone is indicative of that.
    At least, that is from my perspective.

  18. I don't see why she was the one to confront him about his love. She was the one who forgot their anniversary and doesn't bother remembering things that he said. I'm not saying that it means she doesn't love him, but that's clearly what he was implying…and she didn't really say/do anything to prove him wrong. Why would he bother giving up everything for someone he doesn't think loves him?

  19. i don't think so, she was testing to see if the mistakes she might make will effect their relationship, and obviously it did.

  20. If I were that guy, I would be so pissed to find out she was lying about being immortal. I actually love stories wherein there's a romantic pair and one of them is immortal, so if she told me that I would have said something along the lines of "So. How is it that you became immortal? Can't have you seeing the sun swallowing the earth all by yourself." That's a terrible way to test someone's feelings for you.

  21. There are some things you simply should not test. No one's perfect and telling a lie to someone that really likes you just to see if he/she could fit in your vision of perfection. That's wrong in so many ways…

  22. One more selfish girl alone in the world looking for perfection and using lies to hide her own mistakes. Lucky guy. He saw it about time!

  23. I don't care… She is still way to hot for a loser like this dude! It's not believable that she would even kiss this guy! Please match the people better..

  24. It wasn't about looking for perfection. It was about her not being able to handle confrontation. This story is a bit extreme, but people who can't deal with confrontation, when they need to face their mistakes will restore to making up stories, tell lies, start having a pity party to get the other person to feel sorry for them, or turn the tables to make the other person feel guilty.

  25. She was with him for an entire year (or several) and she didn't even care he left? What's worse is that she's been with several guys for at least a year and would rather just end it in one moment than admit she forgot???

  26. The greater tragedy would be that she couldn't handle the confrontation of her friend rather than that of her boyfriend: if her story is true, then she can hardly tell anyone about her problem.

  27. i once used " i have a multiple personality disorder " to break up with a guy i dated only for the sake of dating  coz i was bored at that time :))… and i regreted saying that right after that XDDD and i couldnt explain what i was saying to him and i ended up lying so much that his brain just shut down and after a while he dumped me… haha….T_T

  28. "How do they fall for that every single time?"
    Well, easy.
    – If she is immortal – he is screwed. He will age and she stay young. Thus she will eventually leave him before people start noticing her condition.
    – if she is mortal – he is screwed. She is a lying psycho and one day her dog might tell her to leave or kill this guy.

  29. This is a story of our constant need for proof. You forgot this, so that means you don't love me. Love needs no proof.

  30. EVERY month i forget and EVERY month i get shamed. But one day she will forget and i will remember and it will finally be my turn!

  31. OK. Bree is an amazing actress.

    Some of my reactions:

    "Im 3000 years old" – Bree Essrig for new Dr Who. (100% serious. never been ginger, never been a girl)

    "You pulled that whole immortality thing againg didnt you" – WHATTTTTsdgfkjshbdgjlhasebgaliuhgfh asjkrtsail ghwjklhf hsiljrhhgaiklegh wslijhjgbahjghwrighsawriugheukfg Bree is best actor sfgk,hbsgjklhbsragljkhbasrgklbsgjklsbgs how did i not see that coming aweligujkhas gukhlaegbfuaklhebfgauhrgb.

  32. I don't think she did it to just break up with him. I think it was a test she concocted somewhere in a past relationship. She is willing to give herself to those willing to give themselves to her. I don't think the confrontation in this scenario was that she wanted to avoid telling him she wanted to break up, I think she wanted to avoid asking him if he really loved her despite her flaws and despite her ability to reciprocate at times.

  33. If you actually use this excuse in real life, for sure it would be very, very funny. And because you made it sound so funny, it may work out . 😉

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