Your Arguments Are Invalid: Gay Marriage

Good Morning, John or rather, complicated morning John, ’cause stuff’s been going down this week. As you know the state of
North Carolina, where our parents live, just decided to just outright ban gay marriage like stick it in the constitution Opposing gay marriage is not
a viewpoint that I understand. And I know this video is going to
piss people off, but I don’t care anymore. This isn’t a political issue, it’s just deciding that we’re going to treat some citizens of our country differently than other citizens. That’s wrong. So I want to go through
some of the arguments that I hear and why they’re crazy! ONE, what’s the big deal, why can’t gay people just, you know, have a party and say they’re committed to each other. Why do they gotta come in on our thing? Irrelevant. This isn’t complicated. If some people can get married, and other people can’t then that’s wrong. TWO: But…God!? Marriage can be a religious thing. It can also be a secular thing. And guess what! Not everyone in the world is of the same religion. Preventing gay people from getting married is not an expression of religious freedom It’s an expression of religious oppression Cause in the religion of the gay people getting married, presumably their God thinks it’s okay. And you are oppressing them “But…The Bible” The Bible is not a legal document. Our country was founded upon the idea of a separation between church and state. The Bible is also very explicit about the rules of farmers selling their daughters as slaves. So maybe not the best document to base our laws on. “Gay marriage would undermine the institution of marriage” This is a thing that I have named; I’ve created a name for it in my head, because I see them all the time. I’m calling them hypothetheories. So a hypothesis is a question that you ask. You say, ‘I wonder if gay marriage would undermine the institution of marriage’. That’s a hypothesis, that you can then go out and test in any number of ways. And then if you confirm that it is true and it explains phenomena, then you can eventually convert that into a theory. If you skip the middle step and just assume that now you have a true statement of fact, theory, then you have created what I call a hypothetheory. I could make the exact opposite hypothesis and it would be just as valid because it would have just as much testing behind it. I could say that not a lot of people who love each other to get married, that is undermining the institution of marriage. That seems like a valid thing, now let’s go test it. So stop saying this as if it is truth, because you just made it up and you’re like, “Oh! That makes sense to me! Why does that make so much sense to me, it does! Whatever! It must be true! Make sense!” And you know why it makes sense? It’s because of the biggest actual complaint that people have about gay marriage which is: “It’s unnatural. It doesn’t feel right to me.” And maybe to you, it doesn’t seem right because we build our world, we build the rules of the world that we live in. That’s how we understand this place. And I think to a lot people, it feels like this is a big messy, gray world and at least there are some sharp distinctions. Like the distinctions between genders and sexual orientation and those are just lines that should always be hard lines, but saying that that simplicity is natural is idiotic because the most natural thing in the world is complexity, and gender and sexual orientation are proven over and over again to not be firm lines. The whole world is gray and if you just appreciate that, if you just understand that and appreciate that, then it’s beautiful. But if you try and spend your whole life fighting against it, then you are going to be bitter about the world actually being more complicated than it is and you’re gonna make other people’s lives less awesome. Which is exactly what this boils down to. Because there are a hundred arguments against gay marriage, you could come up with all kinds of hypothetheories and just spout them off and people will say, “Nod nod yes yes yes”. But to me there is only one argument that matters for gay marriage. That all people in our country should be seen as equals in the eyes of the law. So North Carolina and all of the 30 other states that have passed laws like this, you better check yourself because we can’t live in a society like that and call ourselves Americans. John, I will see you on Tuesday.

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  1. Gay marriage is just a test of faith that God has on us Christians.
    More and more people are accepting gay marriage every day and they keep persuading us and giving us reasons and saying why we are wrong just to make us come to their side. BUT DO NOT. Stand your ground because you have put your trust in God and you have to be willing to show that.

  2. It not religion .. men are not for men and women are not for women, it increases risk for STIs and they lgbt are 300% to commit suicide

  3. News flash people. Roughly 4% of the population is estimated to be gay. The other 96% are heterosexual. Therefore, if YOU are gay, YOU are the anomaly. Not the rest of society. Hence, YOU should assimilate to societal norms, not the other way around. You ARE NOT, nor will you ever be normal. No amount of twisting reality and delegitimization of societal norms will ever change that. Something your parents never taught you is this…just because you feel a certain way about something, doesn’t make you right.

  4. It’s very sad that kids find this common, this is a twisted way to live and a horrible sin. If you want to live correctly, live the way god wanted you to. Why would you do this kind of stuff when you know you will spend eternity in flame and hell? This is a disgusting way to act and a horrible way to spend your life. Go waste it some other way because we don’t need your B.S.

  5. THANK YOU MUCH. This is exactly how i see the world and it sucks that most people are unable to come to the conclusion. Everyone has biased thoughts. People need to start looking at our world with social norms set aside. Take yourself and everything that society has built out of the equation and look at the world as it is. All of the variety that comes from it. Its not a matter of right or wrong its a matter of things JUST BEING WHAT THEY ARE AS A RESULT OF COMPLEX CHANGES THAT TAKE PLACE DUE TO ALL THE FACTORS THAT OCCUR IN THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.

  6. The purpose of marriage it to bind a male to a female to provide her protection when she is vulnerable in her pregnancy and in return provide the male with offspring.

    Since the purpose of marriage at least in principle is to create children, a union where children are not possible either in practice or in theory cannot be considered a marriage.

  7. Gay marriage is being fought because marriage is still seen as a religious institution in the USA. Legal marriage rights for gay people is absolutely acceptable, and they should be allowed to go to a courthouse and be legally bound. Where I draw the line, is if gay people who wish to be married can force a Christian pastor to marry them. Now this is not the majority of gay marriages, for obvious reasons. But it still happens. And simply because of the fact that it is legal, some couples want to have a Christian marriage, even though they flaunt its rules. That is the line in the sand for both sides. Christians shouldn’t be able to stop gay couples from being legally bound. But gay couples shouldn’t be able to force someone to violate their religious beliefs.

    Sidenote: this is exactly why the Christian baker won his case.

  8. i disagree so much u ruin the basis of man and women together it ruins our country i hope you dig into the bible more and understand that your comment with the bible was incorrect and that you need to do some research on it and our country was founded by Christians so fix your bull crap

  9. Why not allow people to marry animals? Why not allow a mom to marry her adult child? Why not embrace that diversity? If they both consent, why not?

  10. He doesn’t know what he talking about. He picked weak arguments to go against, and even so he made errors in his refutation. For instance “The Bible is not a legal document.” The Bible is actually the most credible and well passed historical document ever created. Through the historical document process it passes 2/3 steps better than any other book, this guy stinks 🤦‍♂️

  11. The LGBT community can’t handle disagreements. A good majority of their members will cuss and hate on you if you give your opinion.

  12. "On the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ), children in same-sex families were over twice (2.1 times) as likely, at 9.3%, to be rated above the cutoff for emotional or behavioral difficulties than were children in opposite-sex families, at 4.4%. Likewise, same-sex parents or informants reported that their children experienced “definite” or “severe” emotional problems over twice (2.3 times) as often as did opposite-sex parents or informants. For the most restrictive test, which is both high SDQ and directly reported serious emotional problems, the proportion of children with emotional difficulties in same-sex families drops to only 6.3%, but the comparative proportion in opposite-sex families drops even more, to 2.1%, with the result that the risk ratio for same-sex families is even higher (2.9)."

    Gay marriage harms kids. That's why we shouldn't let them get married.

  13. Why dont u talk about being Christian and writing a comment in any possibe video and compare to someone coming out of the closet as they say
    There's no respect for Christians either

  14. I respect this man, but he bases the opposing views of gay marriage with religion too much. I am a devoted Christian, and I think that gay marriage is wrong. The Bible states it several times in the Bible, and I know why we began this. God made sex to be a special event in your life with your partner, which would be the opposing gender. We have turned sex into something worthless, and that is why we want this. We want something different and new. However when we do that, it is sometimes wrong.

  15. Here is my view on it
    Keep in mind I have 2 friends who are bi 2 that are gay and one that is asexual
    But my view

    People shouldn’t be punished or judged for who they love

  16. If you want to bet somebody half your stuff that you will be in love forever why should being gay or lesbian stop you?

  17. I'm gay but the only valid argument against this is that some women just can't be a father. and that's what a child needs. but still, it's better to have one parent than no parent. I can't have children.

  18. What confuses me the most is that fact that people in the GOVERNMENT are claiming that abortion, same-sex marriage and other "unnatural and disgusting" things are wrong because of RELIGION! IS THERE NOT A SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND GOV?

    Everyone with common sense: That’s like telling someone you don’t like the color of the t shirt so they aren’t allowed to wear it tf

  20. Fundamental conservative Christian's are very busy trying to make their religious views validated by the law. They are taking action to legalize their discrimination. Those breeders who say they are supportive of the LGBT community are just sitting on their hands. They aren't putting up bills to vote into law. They aren't pressuring the government to pass laws to protect us. I will refuse to believe the country has truly accepted us until the country gets behind us and demands change. I'm not holding my breath. All I see is lip service.

  21. This character is living in a world of ignorance or, if it has been explained to him and still refuses to acknowledge any truth, then he is just plain stupid.

  22. You are what you do. e g put out fires as an occupation makes you a fireman etc. Live together permanently and you are married.
    You don't need a certificate to be married for goodness sake, just do it and be happy and the rest of the world will be happy with you.

  23. Why dont we see killers and rapeist as equal then ? Because they are sick people, just like gay people are. The have mental disorder. In the past there were clinics for curing gender disorder and it worked. So if can be changed with the right care it can be called disorder.

  24. Idk about you but I would hate to grow up with 2 dads or 2 moms. The problem with gay marriage is next, they’ll wants kids in my opinion

  25. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on July 9, 1868, and granted citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” which included former slaves recently freed. In addition, it forbids states from denying any person "life, liberty or property, without due process of law" or to "deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”
    Everyone is to be treated equally by the states. Because of this, if one person or class of persons can marry, so can another class. Bottom line marriage equality is the law thanks to this constitutional provision.

  26. Try talking to Muslims about your argument. Oh….you won't. That's because Christian's are far more tolerant than you propose they are.

  27. Oh come on – “gay marriage” is a contradiction in terms, surely? Most churches don’t recognise it and same-sex couples cannot biologically produce children without a third party, so how can it possibly fit the usual definition of marriage?

  28. "We decided to treat some citizens different than others" no some citizens decidee to axt differently than others in a way that is highly uncomfortable to most people in the world

  29. Marriage came from religion, so it makes sense for only men and woman to get married. That's why you usually need a priest etc to get married.

  30. Why can't two man have a child together biologically? Because it is natural for a women and a man to have a child. If it was natural for a man and a man to have a child or a woman and a woman to have a child biologically, then you could say it wasn't unnatural.

  31. Most homosexuals believe in the theory of Evolution. Evolution = survival. Whether that's survival of the fittest, smartest, whatever. Be gay all you want, you cannot propagate if you're gay. Adopt, surrogate, yes. But by being gay, you can't create life, an essential part of survival. You can only support it while you yourself are alive. If this whole planet consisted of gay people, we could not survive as a species. Be gay, but stop waving it around like it's some flag to be proud of. Be proud that you're happy with yourself for coming to terms with what/who you are, no need to convince everyone that it's 'right'.

  32. it actually took me the entire video to think of where ive seen you before this video. i knew that ive seen your face somewhere and i reconized the voice… but i just couldnt think of it for some reason.
    i only got it when i saw the Sci-Show logo in the last second lol

  33. You should redo this. Seriously. The whole issue needs corrected. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'll help you out. First, define the issue. If marriage is a legal contract between two consenting adults then any two (or more?) parties should be able to contractually agree to said Union.
    If it's strictly a religious ceremony, the govt should not be involved in the first place, as it would then have to approve of a given religion. If I have Gwen the shaman down the street unite us in a ritual to which the State is not a party – who cares.
    The issue, then, is clearly: Why in marriage only is there no separation of church and state? If it is simply a contractual union agreement between parties for purposes of insurance, inheritance, etc – it seems that any could so engage as long as they are legally competent as they would be under any other contract.
    This is not difficult

  34. It's not different treatment. All people can get married, to the opposite sex. We have the same rights, bar the rights of the child. You appear to be blissfully unaware of the rational and secular arguments against gay marriage.

  35. Hank didn’t answer what I feel is the strongest argument against allowing gay marriage.

    Marriage as simply a union between two people who love each other is a recent development in society. Human cultures developed marriage for a few principle reasons:

    1: To provide the woman physical and economic protection, since women are more physically vulnerable than men, especially when they get pregnant.

    2: To put structure and discipline into the man, and to ensure the paternity of the children.

    3: To create the most stable environment possible in which to raise children.

    Reproduction and child raising is therefore one of, if not THE main purpose of the institution of marriage.

    To those who contest this claim, remember that even in ancient times when divorce was illegal, there were still two main legal justifications for ending a marriage: sexual disloyalty, and infertility. The inability to have kids was indeed considered acceptable grounds for divorce.

    Now notice that infertile couples could still be considered married if they wished, because even though they couldn’t physically conceive, the act of reproduction was still hypothetically possible in principle.

    A union that can not only never produce children in the physical, but also in the principle/hypothetical, has no precedent for being considered a real marriage.

    Since the act of reproduction is central to marriage as a social practice, two people who can never reproduce, either physically or hypothetically, can never truly say what they have is a marriage. It’s simply a union they’ve chosen to call a marriage and the rest of us have agreed to let them call it that.

    But that does indeed diminish marriage. Because if marriage is simply a union between two people who love each other, then why does the institution even still exist? Why do people get married at all? You can live with someone, love them, and even have kids with them without getting married, so why do so?

    By allowing gay marriage, the very institution of marriage is reduced to a mere fashion accessory. It loses its meaning.

    And before anyone makes the “but married couples get tax breaks” argument:

    The reason married couples get tax breaks is because it’s assumed they will be having children and would therefore benefit from the financial assistance. So again, marriage is forever linked to the practice of reproduction.

    At the end of the day, it’s legal now and people are free to call their unions what they want. It’s a free country. But we are also free to not personally consider what they have to be an actual marriage.

  36. I'm only 13 and for the few first few years of my life, I didn't know what the LGBTQ+ community was.
    Then when I was around 3 somebody told me that gay ment bad, and I just believed them.
    When I was 8 I met my best friend whos parents were gay, once I found out what the word actually ment it made so much more sense to me.
    I fully support the LGBTQ+ community now, and I haven't really encountered anyone who thinks otherwise. videos like this remind me how much worse it was, just a few years ago!

  37. Hey Rod, you'll never guess what happened to me on the subway this morning
    This guy was smiling at me and talking to me
    Ooh, that's very interesting
    He was being real friendly
    And I think he was coming on to me
    I think he might've thought I was gay!
    Ahem, so, uh, why are you telling me this?
    Hmm, why should I care?
    I don't care
    What did you have for lunch today?
    Oh, you don't have to get all defensive about it, Rod
    I'm not getting defensive!
    What do I care about some gay guy you met, okay?
    I'm trying to read
    Oh, I didn't mean anything by it, Rod
    I just think it's something we should be able to talk about
    I don't want to talk about it Nicky!
    This conversation is over!
    Yeah, but
    Well, okay, but just so you know
    If you were gay
    That'd be okay
    I mean 'cause, hey
    I'd like you anyway
    Because you see
    If it were me
    I would feel free to say that I was gay (but I'm not gay)
    Nicky, please! I am trying to read
    If you were queer
    Ah, Nicky!
    I'd still be here
    Nicky, I'm trying to read this book
    Year after year
    Because you're dear to me
    And I know that you
    Would accept me too
    I would?
    If I told you today
    "Hey! Guess what I'm gay!" (but I'm not gay)
    I'm happy just being with you
    High button shoes, Pal Joey
    So what should it matter to me what you do in bed with guys?
    Nicky, that is wrong!
    No it's not!
    If you were gay
    I'd shout hooray!
    I am not listening!

  38. I don't know why youtube suggested this video on the home page. Multiple times. After I'd already seen it a while back. But it was fun to re-watch anyways. I like the bit about hypothotheories. Also, nice wavy arms.

  39. I’m endlessly obsessed with the “it’s unnatural” argument. “I don’t like it because it’s unnatural!” Yeah well so are streets and cities and houses and cheetos and you don’t seem to have a problem with those.

  40. Wether you choose to believe in God or not doesn't make him any less real.
    Our founding fathers built this country upon the law of the word of God.

  41. Since this video is over 7 years old and all states recognize same sex marriage, shouldn’t all states recognize conceal carry permits/ licenses? After all, marriage isn’t even a federal function, but the Second Amendment guarantees the possession of arms and self defense. Why shouldn’t all states recognize this Constitutional? Would we allow states to regulate speech outside of the Constitution? How can we call ourselves Americans if we’re not going to recognize and honor all Constitutional rights?

  42. Hospitals

    even though usa is hopeless already


    gay not okay

    government has its own reasons–thats why I dont trust it

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