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Every Family has different characters and our today’s video is related to it if you’ve enjoyed Hit LIKE to this video and get this video to 2,00,000 Likes what are you doing my child Homework leave it lets go for a movie but homework…. do it later and what if Mumma returned back from Office till then we’ll return back Will buy Popcorn, cold drinks, Ice cream everything to you Dadi.. I am going to play come here i don’t want to do all these what kind of clothes you wore & why not you cover your head always cover your head while do Pooja and fold your hands Dadi I want to go to play don’t go anywhere if you don’t want to sit then go and do your homework Ok I am going to do homework Mumma want some more Rasgulla it got finished dear I wanna some more Ok you take mine but this is yours its ok you have it. its your favourite gonna to eat yummy & cool Rasgulla lets put it in fridge for 10 minutes what happened to my little cutie pie and you didn’t get ready yet lets go I’ll make you ready your dress you liked this bag and have these clips you’re looking like an angel my sis pls give it to me I wanna to play a game ok first do massage on my legs di.. pls give it now go and clean my cupboard no I don’t want your phone why are you sitting like this my child and what’s this Mumma its a Summer Camp Circular I am coming back don’t know Going for what what if she would throw that circular Anantya have this cheque for your Summer Camp and I’ve done your packing too Mumma can I keep my doll too my sweet Mumma Mumma have a look on this oh.. you wanna go to a Summer Camp needs only Rs. 3000/- want to go there with your friends Ok lets go what you were doing played with my doll look what I’ve brought for you wow I like these all don’t you say Namaste… don’t you’ve manners don’t you ask for some Snacks, tea and all that you’re playing with oys thats why you didn’t get the good marks where’s your Mumma Go and bring Rs. 200 from your Mumma I need to pay it for Auto Rickshaw as I don’t have change Go and ask your Mumma so that’s all with our todays fun filled video If you’ve enjoyed hit Like to this video also do Subscribe to my channel and also press that bell icon to get updates about my new fun videos

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