You’re Invited! | Alpha Introduction Dinner | Fri 7 Feb 2020 @ 6.30pm

Have you ever had a goal and when you
achieved it you still felt something was missing? Sure you might have celebrated
for a while but then there was still an emptiness, have you felt that before? Or
maybe you’ve asked yourself is this all there is to life? Or you’ve thought there
must be more to life than this. You knew something is missing in your life but
you just can’t put your finger on it What’s the real purpose of your life?
What are you really doing there? Why are any of us here? These all boil down to
that big existential question: What’s the meaning of life? Well the person who sent
you this video wants to invite you to an event that begins the discussion about
some of these questions it’s to an Introduction Dinner to let you know a
little bit more about the Alpha course. A course that investigates these questions and more. At the Alpha introduction Dinner, there’ll be a fantastic buffet
dinner and then some speakers will give you an outline of the Alpha course. and a
flavour of the type of topics and content that will be discussed. So you can have a
better idea about what to expect should you choose to attend the course. The
Alpha course has been attended by well over 24 million people around the world
and it’s run in a hundred and sixty nine countries in a hundred and twelve
languages. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s probably because it’s an
invitation-only program. But this is your Invitation! The Alpha introduction dinner
is free to attend and if you choose to participate in the Alpha course it’s
free too The Alpha course looks at answering key
questions about life by exploring how they’re answered through teachings in
the Christian faith but in a way that you’ve probably never heard before.
For example at the Introduction Dinner you’ll hear a speaker discuss that Christianity is boring, irrelevant and untrue. You’ll find that
thought-provoking and at the same time very humorous.
And you’ll find out how the course is structured and why so many people around
the world have chosen to attend. So this is your invitation and here are some of
the details about the dinner so that you can check that you can attend.
By the way, the dinner you’re invited to is a casual dinner so you don’t need to
dress up. Just come as you are you’ll be super welcomed. So would you like to join
us at the dinner? If so please reply to the person who sent this to you so that
they can let the organizers know for catering and seating purposes. We know
you’re going to thoroughly enjoy the evening and we really look forward to
welcoming you there see you soon!

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