YouTube Rewind 2018: Kids Fun TV !

Hey, Fun Squad! Welcome to our 2018 rewind video! For Kids Fun TV! We made 61 videos this year. And we got 130 million views. We’re about to hit 400,000 subscribers. We’ve done a lot of fun collabs with awesome channels like Ninja Kidz TV. Today we’re gonna play boy swimmer! Roar! Ahhhhh! Extreme Toys TV. No, no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine. The Sneak Attack Squad can
do pretty much anything. And Super Hero Kids. Maybe it spells something else. Like, lore! And The Shot of the Yeagers. [Dramatic music] And That YouTub3 Family. The adults versus kids. Kids are on the pumpkin team. Adults are on the witch team. We’ve done some really
epic skit adventures. And the first video ever was Jumanji. Ahhhhh! [Drums playing] [Monkeys howling] Another fun movie skit was Incredibles 2. One, two, three, four, five. Ready or not, here I come Jack-Jack. Hmm, I wonder where you are. Huh? And we bought a dinosaur
egg from Jurasic Park. And it hatched. [Children] It cracked! It’s a real dinosaur. [Upbeat music] We even took a treasure
map from Captain Jack. And found the hidden treasure! [Laughter] Watch out! Come back here now! Ahhhhh! Me map! Me Map! Give me back me treasure! Jazzy, go! Give me back me treasure! We had a bunch of videos where we mailed ourselves
all around the world. We mailed ourselves to Hawaii. Kalia, I hear the ocean. We’re at the beach! [Kids] We made it! Yay! [Laughter] We mailed ourselves to
Santa at the North Pole. Where are we, where are we? Let’s check. Okay. Ho, ho, ho, ho, hooo! Wanna look? Hey girls, we’re ready to get out. Are you? Yep, they’re ready. I caught Tinkerbell when
she mailed us to Disneyland. Okay Tink, we’re ready. Shrink the box now. Fly us to Disneyland! [Poof!] [Upbeat music] [Kids] Whoa! [Poof!] Whoa! [Kids cheering] We made it! We’re at Disneyland! We also mailed ourselves to the mansion. And we raced A Shot of
the Yeagers to get there. Hey Steven, we’re gonna
race you to the mansion. Who’s gonna win? The mailman picked us up an hour ago. Are you serious? So we’re totally gonna beat you. No way. We arrived! [Gasps] [Dramatic music] You’re going down. [Dramatic music] Next our parents started hiring all kinds of silly babysitters. [Gasps] [Mystery music] Well hello, dearies! Yeah, our mom hired a witch and she put us in a crazy escape room. And we had to figure
out how to solve codes so we can get out of there. Come kids, in here! Don’t you even try to escape! [Laughs] [Force field] [Magical echo] [Boing!] [Cackling] Hmm. [Electrical sparking] And our next babysitter was a witch also. We got put in another escape room and the challenges got harder. See if you could get out of this one! [Laughs] [Door Closes] [Chimes] [Dramatic music] [Gasps] [Chimes] How are we ever going to get out of here? [Chimes] ♪ I’m singing in the rain ♪ Hey, pay attention you goof! Well you were the one who summoned me here during my shower. You guard this door and
don’t mess it up, or else. [Upbeat music] Then The Grinch showed up to babysit. Oh, Santa’s little cookies, huh? How about those next? [Gasping] [Laughter] Not Santa’s cookies! And we had to figure out
how to escape The Grinch. [Upbeat music] And go around. Yeah! [Leaf blower blowing] [Garbage crashing] [Kids cheering] And while we were stuck, he did lots of crazy stuff to our house. [Jazzy Christmas music] [Silly music] [Candy crashing] This ended up to be our biggest video yet! 15 million views in one month! When The Grinch showed up
the second time to babysit, he really made trouble. Guess who?! Grinch, my man! [Both] Hey! Good to see ya! Come on in. Hi Guys! Have you missed me?! Oh, I can hardly see from my nose! How’s there a snow storm in this house? But we got him good in the end with an epic snowball match. Ahhhhh! [Guitar music] When Halloween rolled around, a crazy doll showed up in our hotel room. Ahhhhhh! We didn’t know how to get rid of her, so we trapped her in a suitcase. Ahhh! [Bell Ringing] Quick, zip it up! We had to call a Sneak Attack Squad to find out how to get rid of her. It’s showdown time. This town ain’t big enough for
the both of us, little lady! The funniest is how Ethan
got rid of her in the end. We all laughed so hard. [Blaster Sound] [Blaster sound] [Dramatic music] [Car tires screeching] And the Game Master started chasing us and we had to teleport
to Mars to get away. Whoa! We really are on Mars? He’s coming! [Kids] Ahhh! Then we teleported to Halloweentown and we found Jack the Pumpkin King. It was really scary when we went there. It says Halloweentown. Oh my goodness. That sounds crazy. [Upbeat music] Oh, it’s okay. Snakes, I don’t like snakes. Ahhhhhhh! We also had some epic challenges in 2018. One of my favorite challenges was the girls versus boys box
fort making challenge. Our door’s up. I’m just working on the following. They’re probably gonna get mad. Look what I found. We need to fix it! We did a bunch of fun
awesome twin challenges with Peyton and Paxton from Ninja Kids TV. The first one we did was a
what’s in the box challenge. [Laughing] Then we did another what’s
in the box challenge with real live animals. Puppy! [Buzzers sounding] Puppy, puppy!
Kitty, Kitty! Kitty, kitty! [Buzzer sounding] My favorite girls versus boys challenge was my birthday video. We raced go-karts and bumper boats and it was the best day ever. [Upbeat music] [Car engines revving] And my favorite was the
toy birthday challenge. We did ropes course, we did laser tag, and we even did surfing! [Water splashing] [Fast paced music] [Upbeat music] One of the coolest twin challenges was the not my arms cake making challenge! Peyton and I were the heads and the boys were the arms. And then we melt that. Ahhhh! You got it. Yeah, and I’m gonna lick some. Right on the red ones. Then we had a twin making pizza challenge. Me and Paxton were the heads and the girls were the arms. [Laughing] Hey Kaden, remember that time when you got so mad you
turned into the Hulk? Oh yeah, and I chased you guys through a Ninja course in that park. Ahhh! Oh no! [Roar!] [Dramatic music] [Roaring] Then we challenged the Ninja Kids to another Ninja course challenge. Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go! Come on, you can do it Peyton! We also did a cool yoga challenge on stand up paddle boards. [Buzzers buzzing] [Chattering] Then we did a beach game
challenge in Hawaii. [Bell ringing] Hey! Done! And one of my favorites was
“The Pool is Lava” race. [Crowd cheering] Yes! Another point! At Christmas time, I did a
challenge with The Grinch. He tried to ruin Christmas
but I tried to challenge him. Don’t worry I saved the day. You guys think you’re gonna challenge me? [Laughs] How you doing over there? Grinch, do you like my house? I told you I was special. I love you Grinch. Oh, what’s happening to my heart? This year I even got to write my own Christmas song with me and my mom. Oh, and we can’t forget about when The Grinch and Santa had
an epic snowball match. [Dramatic music] Ahhh! I can’t beat this guy! I gotta get outta here! Oh, did you guys see when the Grinch came and tried to convince
Kyler to be his apprentice? This could be great. We could work together to ruin Christmas. Yeah, whoo-hoo! [Laughs] Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo! That was awesome. But when The Grinch tried
to take Mommy’s present, Kyler got mad and put
the Grinch in “Time-out.” Now find your mommy’s present. We gotta get that one for sure. This is the worst. I can’t believe I’m being sent to time out by a two year old. Oh my goodness. [Crying] Ahh! Then we also did a boys
versus girls mystery wheel Christmas tree decorating contest. Give it a spin. Yippee! Get pick for the other team. Pick for the other team! Pick for the other team. Pick for the other team. Pick for the– Nooo! They got TP! Ahhhhhh! Yeah, yes! Yes, it’s Christmas colors. Did you see when we caught Santa on camera on Christmas Eve? Or if he skipped a few
and he had to run back. Yeah. Ahh! Santa! Santa! He’s outside! I totally saw him! And did you watch our
pumpkin racing video? [Cheering] That’s my pumpkin! Keep going, keep going! And did you see us surfing
on real waves in the ocean? Oh, whoa, whoa, this is fun. Wahoo! Wahoo! Thanks fun squad for
making 2018 super awesome. And if you thought last year was awesome, wait for the videos that
are coming out in 2019. Make sure to like and subscribe below!

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