YRDSB News & Events: Black History Month Celebration @ Alexander Mackenzie H.S.

It started as a small team, it moved onto a
large team of very dedicated staff and students who were very committed to
celebration-as the culmination of Black History Month being February. So, we had
Glenn Marrais and the Mojo Train, his band come in to do four different
performances by grade so we could be inclusive of all students. So, when I
thought of Black History Month celebration, I thought of it as an
inclusive event. So, we got the cosmetology department, the dance department
to showcase a wide variety of the black culture. I think that when
students participate they better understand the history of black culture.
So, today we also have the hospitality department, they have created an
afro-caribbean dishes to share with the school community.
We prepared a Caribbean inspired menu. So, for a couple of days now we’ve been
working on making Jamaican patties so we made beef ones, veggie ones and chicken, and
then we made some jerk chicken, Caribbean rice, and coleslaw as well, and we’re also selling Ting from Jamaica. So that’s basically our menu. Each person in the community class
has selected a-one famous person for Black History Month. We put all our
information here on the bristol boards. This is a great opportunity for black
people to showcase parts of their culture. I really like that the board
this year has placed emphasis on celebrating black culture. Broadening our
horizons a little bit and becoming more attune with what others bring the
richness, you know of the fabric so to speak. What they’re bringing from their
own backgrounds, their own experiences and just becoming a little more familiar
about the diversity that makes us, you know a little bit stronger when we’re
more aware of you know, in this case black traditions, black backgrounds,
people who have made significant contributions to the black
community and throughout the entire community that we live in.

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