Yummy Light It Up Party Cake Decorating Tutorial with Chef Duff Goldman | Cooking with Marshmello

Hey there Marshmallo! Congrats on your new song the song sounds great and the album artwork looks awesome Also, we can bake that cake together? Maybe you need a little help with it then. How about your pal the artist and paper
Duff Goldman? Let’s get our ingredient. Will need butter, sugar, milk, blueberries, eggs salt, egg whites, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder, frosting & buttercream To begin line your cake pans with cooking spray. Now cream the butter and sugar with a paddle mixer. It should flyte and fluffy. As you’re mixing add the eggs one by one Finally add the vanilla extract In a separate bowl combine the flour, baking powder and salt Then add your dry mixture to your egg mixture, eventually add in the bluebarries as well That’s why we use medium speed boy’s Now it’s time to bake the cakes. Add the mixture to your cake bake for about half an hour. While you’re waiting choose your tools for the decorating. Duff, it’s your time to shine. Wow! That looks as good as the album arts Amazing work. You too. Are you sure you want to ruin the art and details?

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  3. hi Marsmello [X_X] you the BEST 🙂 marsmello you song like a best song tankyou MARSMELLO [X_X] bye marsmello the best ^_^ [X_X]

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  5. Hi marshmello I’m such a big fan and I have been for absolutely ages I would really appreciate it if you read this comment and checked my music out and see if you like it
    Btw your my biggest inspiration to my music

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