Zana Ruins Evie’s Birthday Party

Zana! Zana: Yes, Mom? Mom: Can you get the Soymilk out of the fridge, please? Why can’t you get it yourself? Because I’m making homemade vanilla cupcakes for Evie’s birthday and she’s lactose intolerant. What’s that? It means she can’t eat any dairy or dairy-based products, like cheese. Mom: Thank you, sweetie. Jason: Happy Birthday, Evie. Evie: Aww. Thanks, Jason. Evie’s Mom: Okay, kids. It’s time for Evie to blow out the candles. Make a wish, sugar plum. (blows) (slight growl) Mommy, my stomach’s all rumbly. Oh, my. Excuse me, kids. I’m going to take the birthday girl upstairs for a little while. In the meantime, you’ll get free balloons from Mr. Clown. (moans) Evie’s Mom: You okay in there, muffin? Evie: I’m fine. Someone put regular milk in the cupcakes instead of Soymilk. Zana’s Mom: Yes, I understand her medical condition. (sternly) Oh, really? Well, I will certainly talk to Zana. Thank you. Goodbye. Zana, I received a call from Evie’s mother, saying that someone put regular milk instead of Soymilk in her cupcakes. Zana’s Mom: Is that true? Zana: Yeeessss, I may have gave you two percent milk. Zana, I can’t believe you gave me two percent milk instead of Soymilk. Thanks to you, Evie is having diarrhea at her house right about now. That’s it! You will go upstairs to your room and write Evie an apology letter for what you did.

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  1. Request: Zana misbehaves at Red Wolf Lodge/Grounded
    Bubbles (From PPG)
    The Blues (From Angry Birds)
    Cuddles (HTF)
    And Gabumon (Digimon)
    Also a question: Do you know Digimon?

  2. Request: Zana gets sent to Woody's apartment
    Woody for BFB (he is pregnant and sending Zana to his apartment for the next 4 years)
    Hooktail (from Mario)
    Toadbert (also from Mario)
    Harry (he is getting sent to Woody's apartment for drawing a penis on the wall and telling his teacher to burn in hell)
    Andy Panda
    Barney the Dinosaur
    Teardrop for BFB (she is making Woody lots of hot tea and rubbing his belly)
    Green Dinosaur (also known as Axew)

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