Zen Heria Birthday Workout (8 Years Old)

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  1. Я в свои 8 лет был в лучшей физической форме
    Но паренёк тоже не плох 👍🏻
    У него большое будущее если не прекратит заниматься спортом

  2. Zen you are an inspiration !
    1. You're so determined
    2. Super great training outfit specially with those socks
    3. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you love

  3. when your getting down from your box jumps don't jump down. step down, cause if you jump down you can hurt you tenden by your ancle!

  4. Is no one noticing he’s doing reps in 8… cuz he’s 8… get it?

    Anyways you’re son and you are so inspiring because I can not only work out, but make kids workout too!

  5. this is the cutest thing I've seen today. My bro is 7 and he's a lazy piece of shit watching cartoons everyday 😀 what a great father you are.

  6. Zen made some real progress since his summer workout with his dad. That’s only two months apart; imagine what else Zen will be able to do a year later like😱

  7. I tried to do the handstand one, and a seriously bruised my knee from falling, I need more practice for that.🤣I’m also 5 years older than Zen, and I’m sure everyone knows he’s really talented for an 8 year old. And yes, I can’t wait to see what Zen will be like ten years from now. I promise, I’ll still be subscribed till then💪

  8. I can't wait to see how strong he's going to be in his teenagehood. Proper handstand done by an 8 year old? He got some skills already.

  9. Zen: at 8 years old does all these work outs

    Me: at 8 years old trying to figure out how fridge turns off the light when closes

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