Ziya’s 3rd Birthday Party!

(light upbeat music) (hip music) – [Woman] Raven Elyse TV. – Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven. Welcome to Ziya’s third birthday, a birthday special vlog. It is the day of the party. Party starts in one hour. I am here at the venue. I’m by myself in my car. Daisha has took her car separately. She’s been here helping
me set up the party since two days ago. She took her car separately, got lost, so she’s running a little
bit late coming to the venue to help set up. My mom is heading over here
to help set up as well. We’re in shambles right now. Not even gonna lie to you. It is raining, which the party is indoors, so it’s not gonna ruin the party, but it’s kind of making the set up and the transportation process
a little bit more difficult. And I’m getting wet and whatever. So the rain is not helping out. So hope that the rain
doesn’t make people feel like they don’t wanna come. I hope they realize that
it’s a indoor party. Maybe I should send out a text. I don’t know. We’re in shambles. We only have one hour to
set up this whole party and we’ve got food and stuff to set up. I’m checking to see if my mom
or Daisha are pulling up yet. My mom has the key to the venue, so I can’t even go in there
and start setting up yet. I don’t even have my shirt on all the way. You can see I’m getting wet from the rain. Whew! Stress, it’s stress doing a birthday party all by yourself with no
party planner or anything. OK, my mom just pulled up. Alright, so now we can go
in and set up the party. It’s been a hectic morning but the party has started. (Kids! by MGMT) ♪ You were a child ♪ ♪ Crawling on your knees toward him ♪ ♪ Making momma so proud ♪ ♪ But your voice is too loud ♪ ♪ We like to watch you laughing ♪ ♪ Picking insects off of plants ♪ ♪ No time to think– ♪ – [Raven] You look so pretty, Ziya. Give me a spin, let me see your outfit. There you go. Oh! Don’t pull it, don’t pull it. – [Woman] It’s gonna come out. – [Raven] OK, give me a ballerina spin. Pretty. – [Woman] What’s up Raven? (chattering) We’re all sweaty. Chef Tony? (laughing) – [Raven] You can take it. Take the whole thing. Just bite it. It’s kinda sticky. There you go. (upbeat music) Good job! Wooo! Good job, Ziya. Say thank you! I like your little shoes! – [Man] Say thank you. – [Woman] Let me see your butterflies. Oh my goodness! – I’m the party coordinator, the MC. – [Woman] We’re gonna see the animals! – I’m gonna have you model
some animals for you today. – [Woman] Look at the bunny! (chattering) – You see how she’s kinda
sitting with the animal. Her knees are together. Perfect, we wanna keep our knees together. We’re gonna leave the animals on our laps and touch their backs and their sides. We’re not gonna touch their face. – Wanna touch it? (laughing) – [Instructor] Forest is
about eight years old. That’s Forest. – Feels like rice. You wanna touch it? (upbeat music) What’s that gonna be? – [Painter] Wanna tell
her what it’s gonna be? – [Boy] A soccer ball with flames. – [Woman] Oh wow, it’s
gonna match your shirt? That’s cool. Are you gonna get a
butterfly on your face? Yeah. Ziya, that’s so pretty! Beautiful like all the other butterflies! (upbeat music) Show me what butterflies do. Do they fly? Yay. Wow, wow! They fly and hop on one leg. (laughing) Do it again Ziya. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Ziya ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (cheering)
– OK blow. (clapping) (cheering) – [Woman] Good job! Awe! You are such a sweet girl. No wonder you’re Ziya’s best friend. Are you ready to cut the cake now? (laughing) You wanted cake, right? (upbeat music) Let’s take a bite. Is it good? Let’s see. ♪ This morning ♪ ♪ Looking in the mirror ♪ ♪ Drop of rum on my tongue ♪ ♪ With the warning ♪ ♪ To help me see myself clearer ♪ – [Woman] Did you have a good birthday? Say bye, bye! (chattering) (laughing) (upbeat music) (screaming) – [Woman] What kinda
animal did you pet today? – [Woman] Look at me. – A turtle, (babbling) and bunnies! – [Woman] Bunnies? Was it soft? And did you touch the turtle? – He feels not very soft. – [Woman] He’s not very soft? No, did you like the lollipops? – [Woman] How old are you again? – Four, four. – [Woman] You’re not four. Three! Right? You three? – This is three. – [Woman] Did you touch the soft bunny? Yeah and it was very soft. What about the chick? Did the chick go cheep, cheep, cheep? Cheep, cheep, cheep. – Peep, peep, peep. – Here’s your birthday card. What does it say? It says, “Life without you would be like “birthday without cake!” Then you open it up. Ziya, you’re three. And that it. (laughing) – [Woman] Let me see it. What does it say on the inside? You have to read the card. “Ziya, you’re three! “So sweet, so pretty, and so smart!” “Not nearly sweet enough! “Have a great day with frosting on top.” “And we love you so much,
from Grammy and Papa!” I think Papa got something else for you. – [Papa] Come here. (gasps) – [Woman] Look at that! – [Woman] Whoa, what is that? – [Woman] You got your own ride, girl! (bell ringing) – That precious boo boo! – [Woman] Wow, Grammy
and Papa got you a trike? Gotta sit on there so Papa can fix it. – [Woman] A pink radio flyer. Can you sit on it? Let’s see! – Can you sit on that for Papa? – [Woman] Let me see how you ride it. Can Mommy do it? Mommy’s gonna do it. – Is this how you do it? I used to have this at my Grammy’s house. (laughing) You do it, I’ll push you. I’ll help you, I’ll hold you. – [Woman] You can ride
it some other day at Grammy’s house, OK? That’s alright, you don’t
have to ride it now. – [Raven] Overwhelming day. – [Woman] I know, too much stuff. Grammy just wanted you to
have it before we left. – Is it nice? You like it? – [Woman] OK, well you can
go home and open the rest of your presents, OK? And then take a nap. – The presents are in Grammy’s car. – [Woman] They’re in your mommy’s car. I know you’re ready to get
home and open them, OK? – [Woman] Let’s go home and
open presents at Mommy’s house. – [Papa] You better
tell Papa what you got. – Let’s see what else ya got. We’re gonna leave that there so you can play with it here. – [Papa] That’s gon’ be your car for here. – OK? – [Papa] We’ll go outside when
it’s nice and ride it, OK? – OK.
– [Woman] Alright. – [Raven] OK, what’d you get? What’s the first one? – Baby Alive Potty. – [Woman] Baby Alive Potty. – [Raven] Wow. – Can you open this? – [Raven] OK, we’re gonna
open it in just a second. Let’s see what else is
in the rest of the bags. This is from Daisha. Yeah, Daisha got you the Baby Alive Potty? Potty dance baby? And this is from Mommy. Though I know you don’t
need any more toys. I could just not get you anything, but an outfit for your dolls and a hair styling chair. Look! It has a blow dryer and a brush. – [Woman] She’s like
forget that, what else Mom? – On to the next, OK. What is that? – Peppa Pig! – A Peppa Pig dress? – Peppa Pig! – A Peppa Pig shirt and look! This is a really cute
tutu to go with the shirt. You have a lot of tutus now. – It’s play-doh! – [Woman] It’s play-doh! – Play-doh! – Oh a big play-doh set. So you got play-doh. What is that? (gasps) Oh my goodness. That is so cool, Ziya. Gotta get all the paper off. Did you see what it was? You got four pairs of princess high heels and some pretty princess
jewelry to go with it. Oh my gosh, a Peppa Pig– – [Woman] A performing arts center, wow! – [Raven] Wow, that’s fancy! – Can we open it? – [Raven] We’re gonna
open in just a minute. Can I see it? What’s in there? Who’s in there? Who’s that? – Peppa and Pony Pedro. It looks like Pedro Pony. – [Raven] Pedro Pony? OK, you don’t have this Peppa Pig playset. You can add that to your Peppa Pig town that you’re building. – [Woman] That’s a big collection. – Can I open it? – [Raven] Yes, I’ll open it. How bout you open whatever’s
in those bags over there? Let’s see what’s in those bags. – Another Peppa Pig! – [Woman] Another Peppa Pig! (giggles) – [Raven] Dino Park, it’s Peppa
and George at the Dino Park. – So cute too. – [Raven] What else is in there? – [Woman] She said he’s so cute too. Oh goodness Ziya. Wait, I need the card. You’re moving too fast! Is it a Moana doll? – Can you open it please? Yeah, I’m gonna, oh
that’s a cute Moana doll with her pig. Ziya, look at all this stuff you got! You got so many presents
for your third birthday. – Can you open some Peppa Pig? – [Woman] Now you want it actually opened.
– Which one? – [Woman] Every single thing. OK, let’s pick one toy to open right now. Which one you wanna open? – That one. – [Woman] OK, the biggest one. The Peppa Pig art palace? OK. Did you have a good birthday? Did you have fun? And you got some good presents? And now, how old are you? How old? – Three! – [Woman] Three! – I can open the Peppa Pig, the big box. – [Woman] OK, we’ll open it. (upbeat music) ♪ But it’s sending me shivers ♪ ♪ A baby is born ♪ ♪ Crying out for attention ♪ ♪ Memories fade ♪ ♪ Like looking through a fogged mirror ♪ ♪ Decisions too ♪ ♪ Decisions are made ♪ ♪ Decisions are made and not bought ♪ ♪ But I thought this wouldn’t hurt a lot ♪ ♪ I guess not ♪ ♪ Control yourself ♪ ♪ Take only what you need from it ♪ ♪ A family of– ♪

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  1. I legit wanna CRY. Not of sadness but how BEAUTIFUL everything turned out! You seems to legit be a genuin, hardworking mother that just want to provide Ziya the best oppurtunies in her life. This is legit something I can cry to – to actually see mothers but also fathers doing the best they can to make everything work out. Not because I have children but because I was growing up in a family where my childhood was basically taken away from me in split 2 seconds! I just admire all of you outhere that seriously seems so genuin and providing the best things for the babies! I would have loved a party like this when I was a little kid even if I never had that in my childhood – your videos is so comfy to watch – it is like I am with you guys and doing all of this! ❤️ Thanks and never forget to enjoy the times with your children because as myself, growing up in a very bad situation – I kid will ALWAYS remember no matter what the age is! ❤️

  2. Where is her father at never see him just wondering she doors a great job being a mom I’ve never seen jiyas dad

  3. I legit had teardrops rolling at the ending! 😩 you are such an amazing mom Raven! And Ziya is an amazing 3yr old. Its a great inspiration to see you grow over the years from me watching your old channel to seeing you evolve as a mother and adult! ❤️❤️❤️🥰

  4. Omg ziyaaaa🥰🥰I’ve been watching you guys since the very first mama and baby morning or night routine and I can say you’ve grown so much into a beautiful little girl🥰

  5. So cute💕🐶😍🌹 hope you have a good an great 3birthday your sweet an kind pretty awesome an happy 3birthday 💐 I wish I was there an live with you

  6. An raven you did a good job with ziya keep the good work an your caring to her an let her do things like when on the first time making slime ❣️🔥😍💖💕💐

  7. I was just crying because she grew up so fast 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 an my mom was like why are you crying an I said because this cute baby 👶🏾 is growing up so fast an she’s the best baby in the world 🌎 an she wanted to watch it with me an she started to 😢 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. Why does this remind me of kylie's daughter birthday party but love you guys ❤❤❤❤❤🌻🌻🌻

  9. Raven dont be flashing back like that. I wasnt ready. I started watching your vlogs while you were pregnant with Ziya. The first vlog I watched was moving day from the one bedroom. Ziya is growing so fast. I cant believe shes 3. Same birthday as my son. He turned 11 this year. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Did you guys copy Kylie jenners daughter stormi first birthday the cake was kind of the same and it was carnival theme just Kylie jenners used way more money

  11. Wow, this birthday party is huge. Not even my birthday party was this fun Ziya is so lucky to have a wonderful young mom taking good care of her and making sure she has everything she needs❤💕

  12. Wow this really made me cry. I love watching your motherhood journey Raven. It's crazy to have been following you when you first told us you were pregnant and to now see Ziya growing so beautifully. You make me excited to be a mom one day.

  13. She’s so smart. God bless you all and I hope that you can get through his life peacefully Raven. Re,ever that god wouldn’t put you through anything he knew you couldn’t handle😘💋💕

  14. Just wanted to let you know from just my observation you are a wonderful mom!! You are doing a really great job at showing her love and nurturing her. She’s blessed to have you and your family.

  15. Ziya is growing up so fast!! When shes four im gonna cry cause she'll start proper school (I think) Ziya please stay a toddler forever 😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  16. Let me just say how much of a superwoman that you are number one you take care of this little girl all by yourself even when you could of stop it all of those sleepiness night you stay up to make sure your daughter is okay you have play both roll in your daughter life you are a strong black queen 👑 that crown in your head don’t let nobody tell you nothing you strong raven god have so much in store for you you just wait god will always take care of his daughter congratulations to you sister keep on winning I love seeing my black sister win keep on doing your thing I support

  17. When I just finished watching her second birthday and now I’m on her third. 😂 then going back to her 1st cause it’s never too late to watch her videos & help Raven get her views up🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. You did an amazing job with the carnival theme and I think it was perfect looks better than the pictures you were inspired by honestly.

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