ZSC 50th Anniversary Celebration

Good morning! We’re thrilled to announce the official kick-off
of Zane State College’s 50th Anniversary here at Tom’s Ice Cream! Today, we are unveiling a special anniversary
flavor: Monado’s Fudge Claws and Peanut Butter Paws. I’m here at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl and we are
celebrating the kick-off of the 50th anniversary celebration. We have so many fun things planned for this
coming year, and who doesn’t like ice cream? So today, we kick off a year-long celebration
of 50 years of service to the community. And, so, over this year we are going to have
a number of events they’re really all focused around what it means to serve the
community for half a century, what kind of impact we have made, and then looking forward
to what the next half a century looks like for Zane State College, Zanesville,
Cambridge, and the wider community we serve. So, we’re delighted to be here at Tom’s Ice
Cream Bowl this morning to launch a signature ice cream in celebration of 50 years. I’d like to invite Bill Sullivan to talk about
that ice cream.Thank you very much. Please. You’re embarrassing me. Okay, we’d like to welcome Zane State. We’re happy, very happy to partner with Zane
State in creating this flavor that’s unique to Zane State. Nobody else can copy it. If somebody copies it, let me know. It’s a white chocolate ice cream with fudge
swirl and peanut butter cup. Now, we did some experimenting around with
a few flavors but this is what we settled on. This is a Monado flavor, so, everybody’s going
to get a sample of it. You didn’t know, Monado, that you had an ice
cream named after you, did you? Good deal. So, we’re going to have everybody come sample
here in a minute, give it a try, and we’ll have it until September of next year! Welcome, thank you very much. I’m a 1983 graduate of Zane State, and it
was quite an experience. I’ve had several different career changes,
and I date it all back to the experience and the education from.. at the time it was Muskingum
Area Technical College, now known as Zane State. As a life long resident of Muskingum County,
I started my college career at Muskingum Area Technical College, now Zane State. So it’s very exciting to be here for the new
ice cream flavor, one of my favorites, and just to know that my Alma Mater is still going strong and
so excited that it started me on the path of where I am today. What we’re launching today is Monado’s Fudge
Claws and Peanut Butter Paws. It’s going to be available for a full year,
and over this next year we’re going to have a number of events to highlight what our 50
years have been like in the community, and also what 50 years might look like going forward. So, we’re excited to do this and all of this
is going to culminate in a community birthday party in September of 2019. So, hope to see you all there.

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